LIHNASITA Color palette

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The LINHASITA color card is for all those who do not want to rely on the display on their screen.

Yarn pieces with colour number. If you need any more colours, please let us know, and of course we will get them.

These are short yarn sections as patterns that are used for color matching.

The colour numbers at LINHASITA are the same for all diameters, the colour fan is available (with us) only with 1mm strong Makrameegarn.

Not quite favorable, but perhaps an investment that helps you to get exactly the right colors!

You can find the yarn of LINHASITA here:

LINHASITA Waxed polyester Yarn 1 mm

LINHASITA Waxed polyester Yarn 0.5 mm

Additional information

Weight 1001 g
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 6 cm

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